Synergi Orthodontic Specialists

Dr. Joseph Gray

Dr. Vanessa Peterson

Dr. Todd Ehrler

Please understand that your doctors are diligent and focused on the accurate information on COVID-19 virus on a daily basis.

The Team of Synergi Orthodontic Specialists has always been and continues to be diligent in the practice of Universal Precautions for Infectious Diseases. As a team, we review our knowledge and skills throughout the year in order to provide optimal protection for our patients, ourselves, and our families at home.

The occurrence of the novel Coronavirus 19 has created wide-spread panic and uncertainties that affect many aspects of our daily life experience. Some of these respondent behaviors are good for our society, and most of it is not. For example, during flu season, we should always use excellent hygiene and discipline to prevent the spread of any virus. Washing hands frequently, and correctly, as well as not touching our faces is a good habit. The awareness of this novel Coronavirus outbreak is likely to improve our practice of these everyday habits that benefit society. The awareness is also teaching us that we also need to be disciplined to stay home when we know we have an illness to prevent the spread of the infectious disease to our co-workers or school mates.

Unlike influenza or cold viruses that have symptoms within 24 hours of exposure, the Covid-19 symptoms may take as long as nine (9) days for onset, with an average of 5 days. This begins with tiredness and/or sore, achy muscles before respiratory symptoms become apparent. This viral response is what makes this Coronavirus strain so dangerous, or infectious. People can be spreading the virus without realizing they are sick. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to be honest and responsible about how we are feeling and do the right thing.

It has been a long-standing practice policy to not treat patients who have a cold or cough until the symptoms have cleared. The Coronavirus 19 remains infectious for 14-19 days post-contact. As an orthodontic practice, the team sees many patients for non-illness-related treatment.