Advanced Technology

3D Technology
One of our “Synergi with an i” statements is “Our office is innovative, with the latest technology and treatment planning, constantly integrating the advances of modern medicine in health and dental care.

At Synergi Orthodontic Specialists, we are proud to use only the most advanced technology and innovative solutions to address your orthodontic concerns. We believe that if technology can make treatment more comfortable, faster, or more effective, then we want to provide this service to our patients! Dr. Peterson loves attending conferences to see what innovative solutions are developing in the orthodontic industry, and after comprehensive evaluation of these options, she brings them into the practice to make the experience for our patients that much better!

3D Digital X-Rays

3D CBCT Radiograph
Being able to see images of your teeth and jawbone clearly and accurately is essential for providing quality orthodontic care. Most practices in the area use a 2D panoramic and cephalometric X-ray machine, but at Synergi Orthodontic Specialists, we have an ultra low-dose 3D X-ray machine that in just a few seconds, allows us to see detailed images your airway, teeth, jawbone, and TMJ. This way, we can be fully informed to personalize your orthodontic treatment plan.

3D Printing

3D Printing
In recent years, numerous industries have experiences the benefits of utilizing 3D printing technology. At Synergi Orthodontic Specialists, we have a 3D printer in the office that we use to make custom molds of your teeth for treatment planning, retainers, and clear aligners/Invisalign. Having a 3D printer in our office allows for improved care, as well as a very fast turn-around for your orthodontic needs. Gone are the days of having to wait 6 weeks to start your treatment. Often we can get things made in a day or two, and sometimes even on the same day!

We also utilize 3D printing for our appliances like expanders. Gone are the days of wedging uncomfortable spacers between the teeth, wrapping unhygienic metal bands around your back molars, and having big bulky pieces of metal on the roof of your mouth. 3D printed appliances do not require spacers or metal bands. They are custom made to fit on top of the teeth for improved comfort and hygiene!

Digital Scanning

3D Scan
We have not one, but two 3D digital scanners in our office! This means absolutely NO OLD SCHOOL GOOPY IMPRESSIONS. Instead, we use a small digital wand that takes a video of the teeth in about 60 seconds. We can do this even on wiggly 3 year olds, that’s how easy it is for our patients! Using digital scanning technology also allows for improved accuracy of appliances, clear aligners, and retainers, and it allows us to have better treatment planning, which leads to incredible results!

Digital Bonding

We now have the ability to digitally place the braces using a computer and a 3D model of your mouth to make a custom tray that is used to put all your braces on at once! This is a great option for anxious, wiggly, or special needs patients who may not be able to sit still as long as it takes to put braces on the traditional way. It also allows for improved accuracy, which tends to also decrease treatment time.

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